Sunday, April 15, 2018

Three boys at play

For Ashton's birthday, he got several coupons from both the older boys for playing a game with him.  Ashton has used them all up until he had one left for each of them.  His idea: use them at the same time!  So both boys joined him in a game of Wii Play.  These photos are of the fastest knitter game, where Ethan won.  SO fun to watch them hang out together!

Pep Band at Swim Meet

A few members of the Saugus High School pep band went to support the swim team at their swim meet on Wednesday.  So fun to get pictures of Cam!

The Soccer Fans!

Derrik and Cameron are enjoying the soccer season - A LOT!  Here was last weekend's home game.  So glad Cameron won those free season tickets last fall!

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Ethan's New Job

Ethan finally put in his two weeks at Papa John's and started training at his new job - Albertsons!  He will be a courtesy clerk - bagging groceries, price checking and other misc jobs.  So far, he likes it!  He has the potential to get extra hours, be promoted and have health benefits.  We're excited for him!

Spring Break:Haircuts before-and-after!

We had to catch the amazing transformations!

Spring Break: Park Day

We headed to the park Thursday morning!  Cameron met some friends for soccer and the rest of us (minus Ashton) did some walking and running.  I got in a small hike up above the park and got some great views!

Ethan did some walking with me

Cameron played two hours of soccer with his friends

Derrik ran and then shagged balls for the boys

Spring Break: Santa Monica

One of the things Cameron wanted to do this week was visit Santa Monica at sunset so he can get pictures from the pier.  We headed there Wednesday evening and found it foggy!  So we made the most of it and Cameron got some great shots!  It's a fun spot to visit!

It was also a tad chilly!

Spring Break: Swimming

We joined our neighbors at their community pool on Wednesday and enjoyed the warm 80 degree weather!

Derriks pool style
Ashton playing horsey with our neightbor


Silly faces

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter 2018

We started our weekend with a Good Friday service and then spent this morning with Easter baskets, the church service and then yummy lunch with the parents!  Happy Easter!

Ethan's 19th Birthday!

Derrik and Cameron headed to a Galaxy game while Ashton and I waited for the birthday boy to wake up.  Once everyone was up and home, Ethan opened presents and listened to all his new music for hours and hours!  We brought in Chinese and Subway and had a great meal with ice cream cake for dessert!  I can't believe it's his last year in his teens!  Wow!

He liked his card!!

Michael Jackson impression

New stickers for the hydroflask


Ethan Grandparents party!

We celebrated Ethan a little early with the Grandparents!

Open House for Ashton

We attended a lunch band concert for Ashton and then attended his open house!  His teachers love him and he's doing awesome!  Cameron came along and went and visited a few of his favorite teachers.

Phil Wickham concert

Our church hosted Phil Wickham for Palm Sunday!  Fun concert!