Sunday, October 15, 2017

Royal Competition, Simi Valley

Saugus Band and Color Guard performed in their first competition on Saturday at Royal High School in Simi Valley.  They came in 3rd in their division!  Not bad for the first competition.  Next weekend is a local comp at Valencia.  I attached the video if you want to watch their entire show.  It's about 10 min long.

Cheering squad was present!

Alumni band football game

The Saugus marching band invited alumni to come and join them at the football game on Friday!  So Ethan got the night off work and came and played drums with the band during the National Anthem and in the stands on pep tunes.  The band also performed all 5 movements of their field show in preparation for their first competition the next day in Simi Valley.  It was a fun night!
Ethan and his ALUMNI tshirt

Cameron getting E's thoughts on the show
A quick pic before they go their separate ways


Our Colorado nephew, Talon, has been in the hospital for almost a month now.  His appendix burst and he needed surgery to remove his appendix and clean out all of the infection that had spread over his abdomen.  It's been a tough road and scary at times, but he seems to be improving a bit everyday.  The newest goal is to get him to start eating on his own (without a feeding tube) and keeping food down.  Our hope is that he'll be out of the hospital soon and able to go home!  If you think of him and the family, say a little prayer for them!

Monday, October 02, 2017

Fall Break Swimming and strolling through Bridgeport

Cameron and Ashton are on fall break and have Monday and Tuesday off!  We went swimming and this evening took a stroll through a local neighborhood, Bridgeport.  Cameron was itching to take some more photos and we love looking at the beautiful homes along the water. 

My dream house.....

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cameron's first band performance on the field!

Cameron and the Saugus High School Marching Band performed their field show for the first time, on the football field, in uniform and with the first few movements ironed out.  It's the first time we've seen it since their rough showing after band camp ended in early August.  Their show this year was written by the new director and has a lot of character!  Should be a fun season!

Family support on point!  Ethan came over after his shift ended early.

Cameron's instagram post

Pizza Boy Sighting!

Ethan is working 6 nights a week these days.  Usually asleep when we all head out in the morning and then we see him for about two hours after we get home before he heads off to work again.  He is one paycheck away from beginning the process of looking at cars!  He's so excited!  We're proud of his hard work!
Our Toyota Sienna saves the day - she works nights
as a delivery vehicle!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sunday Mornings: Cameron and the Grandparents

Cameron continues to serve on the tech ministry at our church Sunday mornings twice a month.  He's frequently on one of the cameras and follows the pastor during the sermon.  One of the perks of getting up early on Sunday mornings is getting coffee and hanging out with the grandparents.  Mom Hubbard shared this photo with me of their time together last Sunday.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

1st Football Game with the Band

The marching band sat in the stands for the first football game and we enjoyed hearing the pep tunes!  They will do their field show on the field in a few weeks.  It's sounding pretty good!


Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Iron Horse Trail Photo Op

Cameron was itching to get some new photos with the camera so we headed out to Iron Horse.  Ethan got his senior pics taken there.  It was hot but a nice use of our day off!

Ice Cream for Labor Day!

While Ethan worked the busy weekend, the four of us went out for ice cream!  Yum!

Ethan Delivery Driver

The dishwasher gig didn't work out for Ethan as he hoped.  He took a job last week at Papa John's and is loving being a delivery driver!

Ashton's Selfies

Ashton is enjoying his new phone and while we were waiting for Cameron at church last week, he grabbed a couple of selfies of he and Ethan together!  So funny!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Trinity Classical Academy Music Position

Off to dedication night
I am officially a part of the teaching staff at Trinity Classical Academy!  I have been trying on and off over the last 7 years to get a position there.  One of my friends teaches music there and she was looking to cut back her hours.  I am teaching 3 grades on the days I am not teaching at my current school.  I start next week!

Founder of the school, Liz Caddow

Cameron's 16th Birthday

Cameron had his sweet 16th birthday on Tuesday!  He had a celebration with the grandparents, dinner out with us, monkey bread breakfast, lunch delivered to school and presents!  He had a pretty awesome day!