Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ashton and his stickers

Ashton loves counting. Ashton loves stickers. Cameron helped him with his two loves today by decorating his t-shirt with stickers for Ashton to count. I need to remember to pull them all off before I wash it.

I don't understand why, but he really enjoys sticking his tongue out when I take his picture!

Open House at Helmer's Elementary

The older boys had open house tonight at school. The teachers display all the artwork and stories the kids have created. They have two weeks of school left and as you can imagine, are ready to be done! Here are the boys with their teachers.

Cameron with Mrs. Williams

Ethan and Mrs.Vasquez with baby Brooklyn

Cameron with his entry for the art fair.

The trash sculpture Cameron and I created earlier this year that we now get to take home.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Birthday/Mother's Day Celebration

Hi everyone! The cloud of sickness and injury is SLOWLY leaving our home and I am now able to post a photo from the big celebration weekend. Derrik took me out for dinner on Friday and then was sweet enough to follow me around shopping (what a great husband!) I was served breakfast in bed on my birthday and then I had to get up and get ready to teach one music class for toddlers and their parents. When I got home, we took a picnic to the park and played soccer and handball with the boys. I was showered with cards and gifts from my wonderful family! Thanks to everyone who called and tried to connect with me that day! Mother's Day was nice and quiet. We invited Derrik's mom over for lunch and gave her a nice pot of flowers for their new place. I'm going to try and load a video of the family singing "happy birthday" to me the weekend before my birthday before Derrik's dad left for a job in Colorado.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We've been sick.....

Sorry to be so long in posting. We have all had a nasty cold and a case of pink eye! Yuck and double yuck! Also, I'm waiting for Derrik to fix something on the computer so I can post some photos from last weekends celebration. So, hang in there. I'll try and get some photos up in the next day or so.
Love to all!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Toothless grin and chalking up

Our big news of the week is that Cameron lost his front tooth! He has such a cute grin! He's growing up! I don't have a good excuse for the hair....he just likes the messy look, I guess!

Today I got a few shots of the boys outside with sidewalk chalk. The driveway is covered!

The house that Cameron drew for me! Looks nice and roomy....

Have a great weekend everyone! Love to all-