Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ethan and Ashton sharing a smooch - all for the camera, of course!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cameron is 7!

Ethan, Cameron and Devin (friend from kindergarten)

Lots of swimming!

Opening his presents

We had an amazing weekend! I can barely believe we did it all! We had his party on Saturday, at the swimming pool. It was a swimming/lego party and was quite a hit! There were around 20 kids there. Cameron had fun and brought home lots of nice presents, most of them legos! Derrik and I spent at least half and hour yesterday bagging up all the kits he got to save space. We designed a lego cake which was a hit.

Designing stage

Derrik and I standing on our heads to frost the cake

The finished product - do they look like legos?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hanging out at our house

Kristin and the boys came up yesterday to attend my ocean music class! It was so fun to have them there! I didn't get any photos of the class, but Kristin did and I'm sure she'll post them later. Then we headed back to my house (after picking up In'N'Out - yum!) and while Andrew napped, the boys played legos. We went swimming later and then Steve came up and we all had a nice dinner. We loved having them at our house! All good things eventually have to end and they packed up to go home. I wish I'd taken more pictures.....thanks, Gustafsons, for including us in your trip to CA! We love you!

Glendale Galleria

Kristin and I took Ashton, Thomas and Andrew on an adventure on Monday to the Glendale Galleria. I had to visit the LEGO store there (for a certain birthday boy) and they had a nice indoor playland for the boys to play at. We had lunch there and then I took her back in time for me to zoom back home to pick up Cameron from school.

Gustafsons in California!

We met up with the Gustafsons Sunday night and checked out Universal City's Citywalk, near where they are staying. We walked and looked at shops, had a nice dinner and then let the boys (our older two) get completely soaked in the fountain. Fun!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day 2008-2009

Yesterday was the first day of school. Here the boys are showing you the grades they are going into. Ethan is riding his bike to school this year, one of the privileges of growing up (and the cutting on one of the apron strings)! He is very excited! They are growing up so fast! They have good teachers and are happy to each have a few friends they know in their classes.

Off he goes!

Cameron waiting in line to walk to his room.

Early birthday party

We had an early birthday party for Cameron so the Grandparents could celebrate with us before they head to Colorado for a Hubbard reunion. We invited our friends who also have three boys (birds of a feather, flock together!) to the pool for a pizza party. Cameron got his own discman, with a Prince Caspian cd which will help he and Ethan act out their sword fighting!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Concert funny photos

We went up to a jazz concert at church. It was fun but not very exciting for the boys. I pulled my camera out and we took some funny photos instead! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Getting back to "normal"

Derrik made it home and had a nice visit with family. School starts on the 13th so we have a one full week of vacation left! Ack! I've been teaching throughout the summer so it's hard to believe they're heading back already. Here are the boys in their shirts from Mexico.