Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July

Our weekend started with setting up a tent in the backyard (thanks Derrik!)

and then a trip to the pool for swimming and a picnic.

Grandma Hubbard made a flag cake that was lots of fun to eat!

We watched fireworks from the bridge by our house. Only one local showing this year because of how dry it's been.

We finished the night with smores and then crashed in the tent!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summertime Chaos

Sorry I've fallen behind a bit on blogging. But, I have a few excuses to post:

1. Most of you are on facebook now so you know what's going on.
2. Having everyone home means lots of laundry, noise, and activity.
3. You can put your memory card inside the wii console and look at the pictures and videos you've taken. This is currently the boys favorite activity. The love watching the videos and then running them backwards and pretending we're speaking another language. Then the memory card is in the wii console and not in the camera and then I forget to connect the camera to the computer and so on.
So there you have it. I have posted a few extra things to make up for the weeks I've been slacking off. I mean, really very busy! Enjoy!

Sheriff Ashton

Camping Trip

Yes, we did it! We actually went camping! I had my friend, Stacy, find us the closest campground near us so if we had to get back home it wouldn't take too long. She let us borrow all of their families gear and we left for McGrath campground, near Ventura. Very close to the beach! Here are our campsite and set-up photos.

Let's hit the beach!

After our first night camping, we hit the beach! It was about five miles from our site but well worth the jump in the car. While our boys might not be the nature type, the do LOVE the ocean. They wasted no time getting wet and sandy - the perfect recipe for boy-fun at the beach! Ashton even fell in love with the water this time.

Ethan drawing roller coasters in the sand.

Ashton checking out the water

"Give me a hug Mommy!"

Ethan getting buried.

Ashton and his peanut butter sandwich.

Cam and the sandcastle he and Derrik made together.

Beach at dusk

We spent our last night at the beach watching the sunset. It was beautiful! The boys did their best to stay dry but after we were there two minutes they were wet! They cannot stay out of the water! :) It was such a great place to end the day.