Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The ring that won't let go!

Cameron bought a ring from a vending machine yesterday afternoon and slipped it on his middle finger.  It slid on okay but he later noticed that it wasn't coming off.  We tried dish soap, cooking oil, taping the finger, etc.  He began complaining that it was hurting and the knuckle on the finger was starting to swell because he was pulling on it so much.  Finally, Derrik came up with a plan:  remove his finger!  No,   :)  he used some pliers to gently stretch the metal until it snapped open.  Cameron was very happy and will never, ever buy one of those again!

Singing in church last weekend

The boys all sang in church services last weekend with their choirs. It's always fun to see what songs they've learned. This year added an audition-only choir for Ethan that he is especially proud of. Here are my photos: