Thursday, July 22, 2010

Goofing Around

Tuffy the Tuffer and Mr. C The Inspector

Here is Ethan and Cameron goofing around.  They are playing Tuffy the Tuffer and Mr. C, the inspector.  Tuffy's a construction worker and he feels good about his weight (Ethan has a pillow stuffed under shirt) and Mr. C wants to put Tuffy on a diet.  This went on for some time until I was prompted to get out my camera.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ashton lost another one!

Ashton has lost his third tooth!  He's officially lost both of his central incisors and because one of his lateral incisors grew in to close to a central, it fell out as well.  So he's lost three on the bottom.  The front teeth are loose, but aren't ready to fall out yet.  Just another reminder of how quickly he's growing up!  The tooth fairy picked up his tooth and left his a dollar.  He was very excited!

VBS 2010

The boys attended Vacation Bible School at our church the last week in June and I wanted to share the photos I took on the last day.  I usually work at VBS, but this year I took some "me" time and enjoyed a few coffee dates, sitting and reading a book and just relaxing.  It was a nice break from everything!  They had a great week, too!

Our Fourth

I managed to injure my back at the end of last week so our weekend included a lot of laying around while I recovered.  On Sunday, we went to Magic Mountain in the early evening and the gang rode some rides.  I took Ethan and Cameron up to the sky tower (38 stories up) and we caught a few different firework shows.  Ashton didn't want to go up that high so he and Derrik rode the carousel and waited for us.  It was a fun weekend!