Monday, August 30, 2010

The Band

Here are some new photos of the band.  Since these were taken, Cameron got a new drum practice pad for his birthday and we fixed the guitar so Ethan can use it for lessons.  Both the older boys will be in lessons this fall.  Ashton got one of my "sparkly" microphones for singing into.  The future for this band looks bright.  Now, does anyone have any soundproof padding I can have?

Happy Birthday, Cameron

Cameron is 9!  Can you believe it?  We started his special day with presents and chocolate chip pancakes.  Then we joined Grandma at Chuck E Cheese for pizza and games.  Then we went shopping with his birthday money to buy a new sparks scooter which he has been wanting.  We finished celebrating yesterday with a swimming party with some of his friends.

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day of School

We started school yesterday!  Only two days in and I'm exhausted!  The boys love the new school and their teachers so I'm happy.  Here a few photos:
Cameron starting 3rd grade, Ethan 6th and Ashton kindergarten
Ethan and Cameron walking to school
from where we parked

All three doing homework around the table

Ashton headed off to Kindergarten so very well.  The school had a Kindergarten back-to-school night prior to the first day, to help them get adjusted to their new environment.  So he already knew what his teacher looked like and where to find the bathroom, his cubby and hang his backpack.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Our Colorado visit

We had a really nice visit with family in Avon, Colorado.  Here's a few photos that I took while we were there.
Ashton and Sage playing Candyland
Cameron and Talon

Jim's two brothers (Don and Dean), Jim, Derrik, Trent, Talon
Cameron, Ashton, Blaze, Ethan, Stone and Ridge

Trip to Topeka

We took a trip to Topeka to see Grandma Bonnie and hang out.  She treated us to yummy food and took real good care of us!  I love this photo!

Family at the Lake House

Sisters (minus one)  :(

Cousins photo (minus 4)  :(
Stephanie and Suzanne chatting on the boat
Our time all together was very short but very sweet.  The boys really got to know their family better and I had much more time to talk with everyone than in years past.
Papa Ron and the boys in KC
Don getting a workout while
wrestling with Cameron and Ashton

Cruising around Lake Wabunsee

Captain Ron

With Papa Ron as our captain, we cruised around the lake in style!  We did some fishing and tubing and had a really nice time.  The boat was a lovely addition to our time there.
Ethan and Cameron taking a spin on the tube.
Elizabeth, Danielle and Dalton
Niece Elizabeth and I feeling brave
Cameron fishing off the side of the boat
Suzanne and Ethan having fun
Ashton was a casual observer
of tubing this year.  Maybe next year?

Visit with the Siscos

Ashton and Cameron had so much fun with Max!
We stayed with the Siscos in Mulvane to begin our summer trip to the Midwest.  Stephanie and Greg treated us to the Mulvane water park, yummy food and Stephanie was kind enough to take us to our next stop, the Lake house in Eskridge.  Thank you, Siscos for your hospitality!  We love you!

Ethan at the Mulvane water park
Cameron recovering from the waterslide
Ashton floating in the pool

Hurricane Harbor

We enjoyed our local water park in late July and I wanted to post some quick photos we took there: