Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Music Fundraiser

Cameron's personal coin jar for raising money for music at school
Santa Clarita Elementary (where all three boys attend) has decided they want a music teacher.  More specifically, they want ME to be there music teacher but there is no funding for that.  So, the school announced this week that they are holding a "Coin Drive for Music" where each class will have a contest to fill their jars with coins and the classes that fill the jar get a popsicle party and more importantly, get music appreciation!  The plan is to add an all school choir as well.  Very exciting!  The results will be in at the end of next week!  We're all crossing our fingers here that we raise enough money!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Cameron gets an award

Cameron got an award at school on Friday for "scholarship" which I think has to do with setting a good example, getting work done on time and being a good student.  He was very happy!  The other boys were also at the assembly to watch him get his award.  Ashton's teacher pulled Ashton up and took a photo of the three of us after Cam got the award.  We're very proud of all three boys for the hard work they have put in to getting settled in a new school and doing so well!  Yeah!

Early Pumpkin Outing

We visited Lombardi Ranch last Sunday for their opening weekend!  We rode the train, walked through the scarecrow alley, climbed the haystack pyramid, wound through the maze, and picked out pumpkins.  It was a wonderful intro to fall!

Father-Son Dinner

Derrik joined the boys at their Stockade meeting last Wednesday for Father-Son dinner.  Although I don't know what they did exactly, these are the photos they took.  :)