Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Hole in your Grin

Ashton lost his front tooth yesterday.  He looks so cute!  He got a dollar from the tooth fairy, even though he kind of wondered what all that was about.

For the Love of the Penguin

Ethan desperately wanted to have a Club Penguin (game website) account.  We thought doing some work for us might be in order so we made him a list.  Within a few hours, he had cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed the floor, washed both cars, and much more!  We were very impressed!  I got some photos of him washing the cars.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Michael Jackson: Oh What an Experience!

"Beat it!  Just beat it, beat it, just beat it, ugh!"  Yep, I hear that around the house a lot these days.  Thank you Papa Ron and Grandma Suzanne for the cool new wii game!

Happy Birthday Ashton!

We celebrated Ashton's birthday on Saturday and went to Chuck E Cheese.  He had a great time!  Then on Sunday, we had a quiet birthday with presents and banana pancakes.  He is so happy to be 6!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

"You're my best friend, Ethan"

These two played together right before bed and Ashton wanted him to sleep with him last night.


Santa Clarita had snow Sunday night for the first time since 1989!  It was more than just a little, it actually was enough to make snowballs and a snowman!  The boys were thrilled and Grandma Bonnie and I liked watching it from inside.  What fun!
Cameron was able to make a snowball

Ethan and Cameron filled two boxes with snowballs. 
I wonder what their plans are.....

Our neighbor's snowman

Grandma Bonnie and Happy New Year!

Ethan is officially taller than Grandma Bonnie!
These are cold faces that say, "let's just go home."

Grandma Bonnie came into town just in time to celebrate the new year!  We spent New Years eve at Magic Mountain, showing her our favorite rides.  It was soooo cold!  We stayed long enough to show her the sky tower view and buy her a funnel cake.  Yum!  We barely made it to midnight and then got up early to watch the Rose Bowl Parade!
Cameron was our New Years Eve host,
displaying all of our hats, horns and necklaces
She helped Ethan out by creating a curtain for his room.  He was itching for just a bit more privacy and the new curtain keeps light and younger brothers out, sometimes.  :)
Ethan's curtain/door  :)

We ate out a few times, made cookies, and she helped me with little projects around the house that I'd wanted to get done.  We loved your visit Grandma Bonnie!  Come back soon!