Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bulldog Bandstand

Ethan entered the school talent show with his friend, Kemper.  The music had to be from the 50's and 60's, since the school had it's first official year in 1961.  The boys picked the song, "Wipeout" and Ethan borrowed an electric guitar from a local music store for the performance.  Kemper's mom, Debbie, posted a video of it on Facebook.  There's a link to it on my wall.  We were so proud of Ethan and how much he has learned on guitar over the last year!

Let's Go to the Hop!

Ashton and his friend Andrew

Ethan trying to keep a low profile

Cameron and Ashton having a blast

Derrik entered the hula-hoop contest!
The school had a sock hop last Friday and we all went to enjoy the dancing and fun!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Making a Mask

Every member of the sixth grade class at school had to make a mask of their face for the history unit they're doing.  Ethan and I went yesterday to make his. 
Eww...this feels gross!
First, you have to pull all his hair back with a fabulous hair band.  Next, you lather a ton of vaseline on his face to make sure those great eyebrows don't get ripped out. 

Then, you cover his face with strips of paper covered in a plaster powder that causes it to stick together, forming a mask. 

It takes a little while to dry but when it's finished, you have a mask of your face!  Once they're completely dry, the kids will paint them.  Pretty cool project!