Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Saturday

We had so much fun yesterday but had such a busy day!  We first went over to the school to attend the Spring Carnival.

Ethan had to work at a booth since he is a member of student council.  When I took the picture, they were testing the water-bottle game to see if it worked.

Ashton, Cameron and Derrik had fun either playing on the inflatable slides or in the wii trailer.

Next we headed over to the park to volunteer at our city's Relay for Life.  Our church had a tent for cancer survivors.  We helped out wherever we could and helped people register for a drawing.

We ended the day at church where Ethan graduated from 6th grade Saturday school.  He then headed over to the junior high area and even went out with his friends to a leaders house for what they call "hang time." 'Twas a busy but fun day!

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