Sunday, June 26, 2011

VBS 2011

Crazy hair day!
 We finished off another year of VBS at our church last week.  Ethan spent his first year being an assistant table leader for me and did a great job!  Ashton was at our table in the 1st grade room and we had a lot of fun.  His little buddy from school, Andrew, was at our table as well.  Cameron was in the 4th grade room and also had a nice week.  The theme was Beach Bash, so we spent the week in flip-flops and lifeguard shirts.
Our cute table of 1st graders

Ashton and Andrew

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Derrik's Father's Day

How do we honor such a special guy?  We served him breakfast in bed and then let him sleep in a little longer!  :)  We just hung around the house until later in the day when we went to the mall and walked around.  The boys rode the carousel, Derrik picked out a new shirt and then we headed home.  We love you, Derrik!  Happy Father's Day to all!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer lizards

As the phone starts ringing with playdate invitations, I found myself alone with Ashton this afternoon and we took the opportunity to just play together.  We hunted for lizards, which he loved!  We played ball in the front for awhile and he pulled out a pose for me!  Good times....

Friday, June 10, 2011

6th grade promotion and last day of school

Ethan on stage 

Ethan's promotion certificate

Proud parents 

Ethan and Mrs. Schmidt
Cameron and Mrs. Fractor and Mrs. Berns

The kindergarten class gift to the teacher.  A box painted like Wizard of Oz with the kids as characters from the movie.

Ashton as a "munchkin"

Ashton and Mrs. Lewis

We all went out for lunch to celebrate such an amazing school year.  
Today we finished our school year with a promotion ceremony for Ethan and class parties for Cameron and Ashton.  We had such a great year and are looking forward to resting up and having a fabulous summer!

Spring Dance at SCE

 Featuring Ethan doing the electric slide, Cameron square dancing, and Ashton shaking his tail in the bunny hop!
Ashton and 4th grade buddy, Tyler

6th grade student and parent Kickball game

The sixth grade class had their yearly kickball match between the students and the parents.  Derrik wanted in the game but I chose to just take pictures.  :)  It was a fun game!  The parents won but we all celebrated afterwards.
Derrik was pitcher for awhile
Ethan getting ready to move off 1st base
E trying to make it home

Cameron's class came out to watch part of the game

Ethan and his buddies Rupert and Austin