Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Carnival

Ashton and I attended the Halloween Carnival at the school tonight.  Cameron had soccer practice and needed to be there so he didn't get to go.  :(  But, we had fun and shared all the candy with the rest of the family.  Mom made me a Dorothy costume, complete with shoes!  I did give the shoes a bit of a makeover but I was so thrilled to have a new costume to wear this year!  Thanks, Mom!

Ashton gets an "E" for Effort

Ashton got an award at school today!  We're so proud of him!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Win or Lose Ice Cream Cone

The four of us went to Cameron's soccer game today (minus Ethan at a friend's house).  His team is still growing in their skills and it has been tough to lose games.  We decided to set a new rule: win or lose, you get an ice cream cone.  It's all about the experience, anyway.  :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nose boo-boo

Ashton got his nose a little too close to Grandma's candle and burned his nose.  The band-aid provided just the right amount of comfort and a ton of laughter.  Soon, Ashton was laughing too!

Back to school

I've officially started back at Santa Clarita Elementary doing music.  It's going great and the kids are glad to have music again!  Things are busy at home between laundry, dishes, homework, lesson prep and church.  We haven't taken many pictures lately so there isn't much to show.  I will show you my new bulletin boards in my classroom!  I love it!