Friday, December 28, 2012

Anniversary day

Derrik and I celebrated 16 years of marriage today!  Yippee!
We had a great day that started early (our 2nd morning this week starting at 6:30) with Cameron, Ashton and Ethan coming in to wake us with breakfast in bed.  (I've had a bad cold so my morning photos look horrible!) 
They made us a card and looked through our wedding photos with us.  :) 

Don't we both look thrilled to be awake?  :P

Ashton took this after we'd taken our Christmas pic

Derrik took me out for lunch and we had a great time talking and making plans for the next year.

Christmas Fun

 Our Christmas Eve included attending the candlelight service at church and then we came home to let the boys open a few gifts, one of which was the traditional holiday pj's.  :)  Then we headed out to look at the Christmas lights.
Cameron loves his Lakers
Ethan and his new bass! 
Cool new car!

A surprised Derrik with a new book

Mommy got new boots!

 Christmas morning started at 6:30 for us with the boys waiting patiently in the hallway.  :)  It was all unwrapped so fast.  I snapped photos as quickly as I could!

Shocked face - "I get my own room?"

Monkey bread for breakfast!
Wonderful day....thanks to our families who helped make it special!

Holiday Show and Ice Skating

The Holiday Show that I put on with the teachers at school went off without a hitch.  Since our stage is outdoors, there was the possibility it might be cancelled due to rain.  It wasn't raining but it was cold!  I didn't end up getting a picture of Cameron since he was on the other side of the stage but I did grab one of Ashton before his class left the stage.

 I also got the gang to go out ice skating this year!  Even though not everyone was thrilled with it at the beginning, I think we'll do it again next year because they ended up loving it!  We ended the outing with Starbucks.  :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

3rd Place for Soccer!

Cameron and his teammates cleaned up (or in his words, DOMINATED) the field this morning and won a third place trophy in their division.  He is so excited since they slowly moved up the ranks and had been counted out by all of us.  They now will move on in January to the playoffs against other area teams.

Christmas concert

We attended the annual holiday concert put on by our church and I snapped a few quick photos of us all dressed up. (Minus Ashton who decided to wear his spring soccer jersey - I'm picking my battles here)  :)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Soccer end-of-season games

 Cameron and Ashton had their last games of the season.  Cameron and his team earned sportsmanship medals and because they won their game, got to go on to the playoffs.  The final game will be next weekend.
Ashton's team also finished well and he's anxious to start playing again.  Spring soccer starts in March.

Ethan woke up and attended the game with us!  It was a treat to have him there.

Christmas Tree

 We got our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving but I'm just now uploading the pictures.  The whole family got involved this year, which was so fun!

My ornament from 1st grade!

Hubbard boy pyramid

Ta da!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Being Thankful 2012

 We celebrated Thanksgiving in Apple Valley with a fabulous meal with the Hubbards.  Soccer in the backyard was on the agenda and Ashton did lots of coloring!  Friday we headed back with loads of leftovers and had our own family Thanksgiving meal.  We did our annual "Thanksgiving poster" with the boys adding their own items.  We have much to be thankful for!