Thursday, July 05, 2012

Our 4th of July

The elder Hubbards came to see us from Apple Valley and we had such a fun-packed day!  We hit the dollar theater, went to the swimming pool and had a cookout and then some of us ventured out to see fireworks.

Thinking man pose

Outdoor mall outing

Please don't take my picture.....
 We've had an outdoor mall for some time now but we finally got over there on a Friday night to see everything!  Our new Apple store was the favorite of the evening.  We found an outdoor seating area with a firepit and I grabbed some quick photos.
Playing chess on his phone?  :)

Kickin' back

Playing with the camera - sad faces

Angry faces

Cameron on the xbox building things
We've really enjoyed our summer so far.  Our favorite days are the ones where we just relax, without anything to do.  Ethan has completed four weeks of bass lessons, Cameron has been connecting with school friends on xbox, and Ashton has been doing a little of everything!  Here are some highlights:

VBS week

Cameron and Ashton had a great week at Vacation Bible School!
Crazy hair day