Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pre-Soccer Hullabaloo

 Soccer season was begun!  We have three practices a week (1 for Ashton, 2 for Cameron) and will begin games the second weekend of September.  Friday night we had 2 events to attend: a back-to-school picnic and soccer photos.  We had a funny when we saw that both boys are in the same color uniform but are on different teams!  Go light blue #6 and #10!  There was a carnival on site so Ashton got to go down the big inflatable slide.

Birthday Celebration!

Waiting for presents at breakfast
 Cameron had a super birthday!  We celebrated with just the family this year but surprised him a couple of times which made it very special for him.  He loved getting all your cards and gifts.  We're still celebrating this weekend with the Hubbards so he feels really loved!


We surprised him by stealing him from school for lunch out!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Days.....

We celebrated a few firsts today!  The first day of 2nd grade, 5th grade, 8th grade and the first day with braces!  Ethan had a big day and handled it all like a champ.  :)

Beach Trip

 Another item off our summer to-do list was a trip to the beach.  We've had 100+ temps in the valley so the beach was the place to be.  It was chilly there!  That didn't stop the boys from getting in the water and having some fun.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hurrican Harbor - almost

We tackled one of our summer to-dos last week by using our passes to Hurricane Harbor.  We didn't check the weather (who really does during the summer in SoCal?) and headed out for a day in the water.  Of course, there were dark skies and then thunder and lightning!  Then rain!  What a memory!

Here comes the storm.....


The truth is.....I took way too many pictures and the thought of trying to organize them just overwhelmed me.  So, in my attempt to summarize our trip to Kansas, I am going to try and hit the highlights.
Visit with Aunt Sonja in KC

Sister time in the lake

Boat adventures

Ashton jumping in the lake

Ethan in the kayak

Singing at the party

Ethan trying out the upright bass
Discovery center

Special time with Mom

The boys cruising in the golf cart

Coffee and toes with sisters

Attacking the water park with the Gustafsons

Lunch with Papa Ron and a ticklefest

Hiking guys

Hiking the trail
Cameron fishing

Goofy Olympic viewers

The mall crew
Whew!  More photos of everything on the fickr site.  Good times!