Sunday, September 23, 2012

Awards and Banana Racks

Well, it's been a crazy week!  I've spent this week moving my music classroom to a new room at school.  Very happy to be closer to the students and have such a nice room! 

Cameron and Ashton had conferences this week and are both doing very well. 

Cameron made us proud by winning a team player award! 

Ethan got to bring home his first project from his wood shop class: a banana rack.  Now my banana's have a home!  :) 

This week, I start back teaching!  Yeah!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ethan's growing...

I took this picture at Cameron's birthday celebration and noticed that Ethan really isn't too far away from Derrik in height!  Ethan is still taking bass this year and continues to grow (both in height and talent!)  So proud of him and all he's becoming.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Soccer Game #1

 We braved the heat yesterday for 2 soccer games!  Cameron and Ashton's teams made their debuts yesterday and went out fighting!

Another lost tooth

I have completely lost track of how many teeth Ashton has lost but one popped out last week!  It's always a relief when they fall out themselves.


 I start back to work the end of this month so I've been trying to use my time wisely.  I spent the last week filing away homework and art projects the boys did last year that I wanted to keep.  I bought three-ring binders and made each of them a notebook that they can look through and enjoy later.  Not a huge project, but the boys really liked the final product!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Working together

I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of homework Ashton had brought home during the first week of school.  His teacher has since decided to restructure the homework (whew!) so there may not be as much this early on.  Anyway, I was wiped and asked Ethan if he would sit and help Ashton with his last page.  I looked over from the kitchen sink and teared up a bit.  I loved the scene.....

New Van

Big Blue

We are the owners of a new (to us) van!  Our old van (affectionately called "Big Blue") is on it's way to the junk yard to be used as parts.  It still runs but is too expensive to maintain.  The new one (Toyota Sienna) is fabulous and we feel so rich owning it!