Saturday, January 26, 2013

Soccer seasons ends

After two games, Cameron was worn out
 We have attended 28 games over the last 4 months between the two soccer boys.  Cameron's playoff season ended last weekend after a loss to a Valencia team.  It was bittersweet for all of us!
We'll start it all again in March when the Spring season starts. :)

While cute, I think both of them were worried if this riding arrangement was going to work.  :)
Our trusty wagon puller for the last 4 months

 We had one more celebration for Ashton with the grandparents to end the weekend.

Moustache day at school!

Cameron and Ashton sporting moustaches for school!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ashton turns 8!

 Still wrapping my mind around the fact that he's eight!  He had a great birthday with chocolate chip pancakes, presents (including a new scooter!), and a trip to Scooters Jungle.  He's pretty amazing!

We're almost home.....

The hardest part is the trip back.  Lots of driving and tired passengers!  Here are some highlights.....
 Studying our shadows here......

Another rest stop?
Ashton made a little video with my phone. :)

Musical Instrument Museum

The MIM gang
Ashton's ready to go!
Mom, do you have to take pictures of everything?

 Danielle had been sick most of our trip so it was lovely to spend the day with her and Suzanne at the MIM on our last day in AZ.  Lots of things to look at - lots to take in!  Very well done!

A-hiking we will go!

 Suzanne and J.J. took Ethan, Cameron and I on a hike!  An excellent workout and a great memory, for sure!

Train ride and K-State pep rally

Buying the train tickets
 The day following our arrival, we headed to the train station with Dad, Suzanne and Dalton to ride to the pep rally.  The train was fun, but the pep rally was the highlight for us.  Being in a sea of purple, connecting with old friends, exposing our kids to the Wildcat spirit - we were happy!

The marching band lining up to enter

Willie and  the cheerleaders

Ashton had enough of the Wildcat spirit - it was a tad loud!

Our friends, Jeff and Amy Naukum that we haven't seen in 17 years

Gold Canyon estate

 The Deckers put us up in one of the fabulous casas, the Gold Canyon estate.  :)  Everyone felt right at home and loved having our own "vacation spot" for our time there.  Thanks, guys!
Ethan in his element: at his computer

Cameron and Suzanne heading out for a bike ride

Road trip to Arizona

 Since we had an extra long holiday break this year, we decided to pack up the car and head to Arizona!  Lots of great views along the way!