Monday, April 29, 2013

Bugz Play and Papa Ron

Ashton and his 2nd grade class performed "Bugz" last Wednesday night.  He was a "flipping beetle."  He said a few lines and then did a little "jump/flip."  He did a great job!  Dad was in town and got to attend with us.  We enjoyed having him visit us!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Hawaiian Carnival

 Last weekend was our annual spring carnival at school.  It's a big fundraiser for my program and other school activities as well.  Cameron was a big help and a friend made me some awesome music cupcakes to sell!  My choir and drumming groups performed as well.  A very fun and hot day, but worth it!

Ethan Open House and Registration

Got to work fast if you want a picture!
 Derrik, Ethan and I attended our last open house with Ethan at the junior high.  I took the most photos in his Science class.  So unbelievable that high school is next.  He is officially enrolled and chose music classes for electives.  He's been proudly wearing his new Saugus high school t-shirt as he warms up to the idea!
Science group project

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beach Trip

We visited two different beaches on Friday.  Although the water was freezing, it didn't stop us!

Sea Lions snoozing in the sun

Sea World Day

We had a very fun day at Sea World!  Lots of walking, rides and animals.  Here are some highlights:

Monday, April 01, 2013

Ethan turns 14!

When did he get so big?
Ethan had the "best birthday EVER" this year!  He got a new laptop, bass amp and a framed 3D poster of the Beatles.  We also treated him to lunch and dinner out.  Yep, he's living the good life.  We love you, Ethan!

Our Easter 2013

 We began our Easter celebration on Saturday night by attending the Passion Play our church puts on.  It really tells the whole story of Jesus, so it's a nice way to remember the story.
We started the next morning at 7:30, with Ethan ready to celebrate his special day and the other two ready to see their Easter baskets!

A little collage of the excitement!

 One of the highlights was the boys each opening an egg that contained a small plastic sea animal and a note (see above).  Once all the eggs were opened, we told them that later this week we'd be going to San Diego for Spring Break and going to SeaWorld.  Everyone was very excited!  (Don't you love Ethan's face? : /  )
The rest of the day included celebrating Ethan and laying around trying to recover from sugar coma!
Easter 2013