Sunday, August 25, 2013

Birthday Party

We finished off Cameron's birthday party weekend by throwing a party for Cameron and a few friends.  We took over a corner of the swimming pool!  It was fun and the boys had fun!

Teenager section

Friday, August 23, 2013

Putting things together

Of course all of Cameron's gifts this year required lots of pieces to be assembled!  Derrik was a champ and even got Ethan in on the projects.  The result was a very happy birthday boy!
Before:  A lot of screws and posts

After: An Electronic drum set

Before: More screws, brackets and confusing

After: New doors for Cameron's bedroom :)

Cameron's 12th Birthday!

Happy 12th, Cameron!
Cameron has a great birthday!  The day started with chocolate chip pancakes and then he headed to school.  We picked him up for lunch went out to In-and-Out for cheeseburgers.  After school, he wanted a Mocha Cookie Crumble from Starbucks while he did his homework.  Then for dinner, I made Speghetti and Meatballs.  Nothing tops a great day like German Chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert!  (Did I make you hungry yet?)
We had a fun day celebrating him!

You're how tall now?  Yikes!

Fun photos at lunch

Monday, August 19, 2013

More Galaxy Fun

Well, Saturday night at the Hubbard household looked a little empty.  Ethan was headed to LA to go to a concert with his friend, Derrik and Cameron had planned to attend the LA Galaxy game.  That left just Ashton and I hanging out at home.  But Derrik surprised us and bought us tickets to the game so we could go as well!  Very fun surprise for us and the Galaxy won against Salt Lake ranked #1!
Early Birthday present for Cameron - an LA Galaxy jersey

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day: Take 2

Ethan started his freshman year today.....wowza.   He has a great semester planned with the core subjects coupled with Game Design and Guitar.  He has friends in almost every class so he left this morning with an excited outlook.  He also got a new look (new haircut)!  So excited for him!
Ethan 9th grade

Mommy-stalking photo

New haircut - he looks awesome!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day: Take 1

Cameron and Ashton started school today!  Watch out Santa Clarita Elementary, the Hubbard boys are back!
Cameron 6th grade
Ashton 3rd grade

Taking his bike - he has volunteered to come early and
set up the playground for the kindergarten students

So happy to be in 3rd grade!
One more quick photo for Mom!  :)

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Kansas images

Most of my KS photos were motion shots but I just love the landscape!

Wamego visit

We drove by our old house in Wamego and then stopped by the park I used to take Ethan and Cameron to when they were small.

Parakeet x 2

So, the first thing we did the morning we got back to CA was get Cameron the birds he was wanting.  The two females are good company for each other and so far have been adjusting well to our noisy household.  They are great alarm clocks and have made me feel like I'm waking up outside!  They are fun to watch and Cameron is a good little caregiver.  :)
Cuddles on the left and Peaches on the right

Trip Home

We had a great (and thankfully quick) trip back and everyone had such a great time!

Window seats are the best!

Proposal Spot

We took the boys back to the spot Derrik proposed to me 17 years ago: a golf course in Olathe with a pretty lake.  It was fun to see it all again since the last time I was there I remember being so surprised and excited!

Mall Night

We hit the mall in Manhattan on Monday night and had a yummy dinner at Carlos O'Kelleys!

Lake Days

We had several lazy days on the lake with fishing, kayaking and lounging in the water.  We've made some great memories there!


We connected with a few more families this year than in summers past and found it to be well worth it!
Brent and Katherine Stirtz (Topeka), Laura (Taussig) Pierce (Olathe),
Chris and Amy Vandorn (Manhattan) and Ron and Kim Lackey (Overland Park)

Royals Game

 Took in a Royals game while we were in KC and made such a memory!  It rained lightly for the first hour or so and then stopped.  And the Royals won!  Ashton and Derrik went to check on the kids area and he got hit the ball and run the bases on the smaller diamond and even rode a carousel!  So fun!