Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Photo Shoot

We had some holiday photos taken before Thanksgiving.  They turned out really well!  Look for your copy soon!


A Christmas Carol

We took the big boys to a showing of the Christmas Carol in Burbank.  What we didn't know was that the entire story would be played by three actors.  It included most of Charles Dickens original text as well.  So much memorizing!  We loved it!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Concerts

Dad Hubbard performed in the choir this year at church and we were treated to a wonderful performance that the choir and orchestra do every Christmas.  Very fun!

Soccer Regionals

Cameron and his team earned the 3rd place yesterday!  They played hard and scored 3 goals in the 4th quarter alone!  He had several saves as goalie where he threw himself in front of the ball.  Lots of mud, bumps and bruises but when he plays, he plays HARD!  So proud!
The whole family came out to support him!

Ashton's Jingle Bells

Ashton has been learning to play "Jingle Bells" with his 4th grade class.   One hand only, but it's a great start!

Cameron Holiday Band Concert

We watched Cameron and his beginning band members play 5 songs for us this week.  He's having so much fun and getting quite good!

MLS Cup: LA Galaxy!

Derrik and Cameron were a part of Galaxy history last weekend!  They attended the 2014 MLS Championship to see the Galaxy win.  What a great experience - they're still reliving it this weekend.

Dad Hubbard's 70th Birthday!

We celebrated Dad's 70th having a nice dinner around their table.

Decorating for Christmas

We started our decorating the day after Thanksgiving, dragging our artificial tree out of the garage.  The boys are pretty good at putting it together themselves so it was fun to just support them!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a fun Thanksgiving!  We went to the Hubbards and enjoyed a fabulous meal and then played a few games while we let some snooze off their calories.  Then we headed out to the movies!

While waiting for the big boys to get out of their movie, Mom Hubbard, Ashton and I walked down to the mall and walked around.


Santa Sighting!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

More Band Photos

Some photos from the last football game the marching band performed at and the championship competition from yesterday.  So proud of this boy for all his hard work!

They came into championships in 12th place, left the competition in 8th.  They came back!  I drove down with Grandma and Grandpa and Sandra's cousin, Coy from Minnesota.  We had so much fun!
Here's a clip of his last marching band competition for the year:

Derrik's Birthday Celebrations

Celebration #1 with the older Hubbards
Celebration #2 with the boys

#41!  We took him out for pizza, went shopping for a new gadget and then had pumpkin cheesecake!

Movie Date

Ashton had a day off school last week so he and I went to see Big Hero 6 at the theater!  He loved the movie!

Ice Skating

Ashton had a play date with our neighbor across the street at the ice rink.  He's gotten really good on ice skates!  I did teach him the danger position of putting your hands down in front of you as you fall!

The "I may fall" position!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Soccer Game photo

Derrik and Cameron attended the LA Galaxy game on Sunday night.  It was a big game, one that determined whether the season was over for the galaxy or not.  The Galaxy won again Real Salt Lake 5-0!  There is a website you can go to that snaps photos of the crowd during the game.  Derrik logged into it and sent me this:

If you can't quite make them out, here's a close-up:
I can't get over the expression on Cameron's face!  He sure loves his soccer!!