Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crazy Hair

The younger boys had Crazy hair day on Friday!  Even I tried out some color, just for fun.  It was the first time Ashton chose to participate - he's not a fan of sticky things in his hair.  We did wash it all out the moment he got home! 

Park Day in January

 The weather has been amazing and we spent last Sunday at the park getting rid of some energy!  The Grandparents joined us and Dad shot some hoops with the boys. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gungor concert

 I got to join Derrik and Ethan at a concert in north Hollywood last night.  We saw a band called Kye Kye (Ethan's favorite) and the headliner, Gungor.  It was fun!  I love seeing music performed live.

Oh, how he wishes he were taller to see
the stage better!



Cameron and the Rocket Launch

Cameron's 6th grade class designed rockets out of 2 liter bottles and then had an event where the bottles where shot into the sky.  He and his friend, Taye-Jon worked hard on theirs!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Ashton's 9th!

Where did my baby go?
Ashton had, in his words, "his best birthday yet!"  We had a nice celebration at home for most of the day and then we joined some friends at the bouncy place and then dinner.  He had so much fun!

These 3 saved my sanity by being my assistants
during the party.

Our last celebration was Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa Hubbard!

He said he didn't need to make a wish before blowing
out the candles - that his wish (for a great birthday)
had already come true!  :)

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

My new piano student

Over Christmas break, Ashton and I tried a piano lesson.  He got through three pages in the beginner book!  He wanted me to make a little video of him:

Favorite Moments from AZ

 The Headbandz game that Ashton got for Christmas turned out to be a real hit on the Arizona trip.  The Decker's even got in on the fun!

A selfie with Daddy  :)

Now, Cam isn't that much taller than me but he is a tad taller. 
It was fun to have him on the hike with us again this year.
We haven't been to a K-State game in over 10 years.  The atmosphere
was something we wanted to share with the boys.

A fun trip with Suzanne!  Thanks for hosting us and hanging
out with us!  We love you!

Arizona: New Year's Eve

Lots of dancing
We crashed Suzanne's friends (Val Berry) house for her New Year's party and had a really fun time!  Cameron and Ashton danced, and Suzanne, Derrik and I tried to play Trivial Pursuit from the 80's.  Lots of snacking and fun!

We had to sniff the real tree!
More dancing

And more dancing

A cat found Ethan

Arizona Science Museum

They had snow to play in!
We visited the Science Center in Phoenix on Tuesday. 
Snowing inside!

Ashton looking through the telescope where his eye
is then projected on a screen above
Cameron rode the Sky Bike!

Ethan found the musical instrument section


Funny faces.....

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Arizona: K-State Game

We had a great time at the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl!  Such a fun game and we're so glad we won!
A quick photo before we left

Ashton playing with my phone
during the game

I grabbed a quick video of the band coming on the field:


Arizona: Pool and Wrestling

Lots of pool and wrestling photos!