Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another park trip

We met the Grandparents at a park for lunch!  Soccer was on the menu, some bike riding and a yummy picnic.  Ya gotta love Southern California winters.....

Piano Keyboard Grant

A teacher that I work with (who is also a private piano teacher) and I wrote a grant in December to acquire 15 keyboards for our school.  We found out last week that we won!!  So excited that our hard work paid off and that our students will get keyboard as part of the music program!  They held an award ceremony to recognize the winners.  Here are some photos:

New Glasses for Ash!

What do you do when glasses break on a Sunday afternoon?  Well, first you try to fix them yourself until you accidently super glue them to your finger.  Then you admit defeat and run over to the local Walmart and find some replacement frames.  That's what we did and our big boy looks so grown up in his new glasses!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day fun

We had a very nice Valentine's Day!  Derrik got me flowers, the boys treated us to breakfast in bed and we went out for a very nice lunch together.  Ethan and I finished off the evening playing a little "Heart and Soul" together on the piano.
Old photo from 2011 that I turned into a valentine photo.

The boys each got a box of chocolates from us

Chuck E Cheese Fundraiser

We spent Thursday night at Chuck E Cheese for a school fundraiser.  The two younger boys went (Ethan was not going - are you kidding me?) and had fun with their friends.

Both boys also got to take a turn in the "ticket blaster."  You can hear me coaching Ashton during Cameron's video.  He was not sure it was something he wanted to do.

Mother-Son Dessert

I was invited to join Cameron and Ashton for a dessert that their boys group at church offered.  Such a fun night!  I felt so honored....I have very special and thoughtful boys. 
They listed things they appreciate about me.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What We're Up To

We had a busy week last week!  Here are the headlines -
Ashton had a play date at his friend Brett's house.  Their activities included doing some "rappelling" on the hill in the backyard and playing with Brett's new kitten, Marbles.

Ethan uploaded his second album onto iTunes! 
His creativity and talent continue to grow and amaze us.

 Cameron and a few other 6th graders performed recorder with a group of 4th grade students at the Parent Teacher Meeting.  He did a great job and is getting so good!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Saugus High Orientation Night

Cameron with the Centurion mascot
Saugus High School invited 6th graders to their campus to get a feel for what the high school is like.  So we took Cameron and the family there to look around.  They had several classrooms open with displays to see.  Ethan was proud to show off his school! 

Derrik with the cat dissection (Ethan on the right)

Ashton checking out what's under the microscope

The highlight may have been the Forensic Science lab where the
kids had to collect evidence at a crime scene.  (No students were harmed!!)