Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ethan the Sound Engineer

One of Ethan's birthday gifts was a session in a recording studio, learning how to edit recorded tracks.  It was an amazing experience and he hopes to continue training there and get even more experience in a potential future career!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day Celebrations

Mother's day was awesome!  Both of the older boys gave me "shout-outs" on Instagram - so sweet!

We took the gang out for a yummy Mother's Day lunch!

A photo with Mom Hubbard

Such an amazing weekend!  I'm grateful!

Birthday Dinner

We took Dad and Suzanne and the Hubbards out for a birthday dinner.

Here Comes the Surprise!

After Cameron's game, we headed to a pizza place for Cameron's soccer celebration.  What I didn't know, is that my husband and mother-in-law had phoned my friends and planned a party for me there!  And Dad and Suzanne were there!  I completely lost it!

I was so surprised!  I had a great party and felt so celebrated.  Here's a collage of the highlights:

Cameron's Last Game for the Spring

Cameron's last game of the season was on my birthday!  :)  After getting breakfast in bed, we all got ready and went to his game.  It was an exciting game - with Cameron taking a tumble and coming out during the second quarter after landing on his head.  I had visions of spending the day at the doctors.  But he recovered quickly and went in during the last quarter.  His team won and was undefeated!

Friday, May 02, 2014

Earth Day Musical Instruments

Every year for Earth Day, I ask 3-6 grade students to create musical instruments made out of recycled material.  This year was Ashton's first time!  He made a drum out of a plastic container, decorated it and added a string to hang it around his neck.  I took a video of his class making music with their instruments.

Braces Off!

Ethan got his braces off this week and he is beyond thrilled!  He only had them off for 20 months so his teeth really responded quickly.  He now has to adjust to retainers!  We LOVE his smile!!

They brought up his old photos from August 2012
just to show us the amazing progress!