Monday, July 28, 2014


If you work fast, you can get some bonding pictures!

Ashton Swimming Lessons

Ashton has had a great first week at swimming lessons!  Week one was about safety, week two will be about strokes.  He's having a great time and we love what he's learning!

Workin' Hard!

Ashton working on typing skills.

We've been working hard this summer!  Now back from the Midwest, each of the boys have been working on something, getting ready for the fall.  One of the main goals of the summer was to prepare Ethan for joining the band this fall.  He has been attending sectionals all summer and start band camp this week!  I played paparazzi and snapped a few photos and a video of him.  So proud of these boys!!

Cameron doing his workbook.

Ethan practicing marching with the drum line.

Grandma Hubbard Birthday

While we were still in Colorado, we took Mom Hubbard out for an early birthday dinner (all 14 of us).  Then we took her out again on her actual birthday to celebrate.  We then sent them on a little getaway to a resort on the beach!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dates with my boys

I took each of the boys out for dates this week!
Barnes and Noble visit with Starbucks for Ashton!

In and Out and a trip to the mall for Ethan!

School supply shopping and an iced coffee for Cameron!

Elementary Music Clinic

I drove down to LA this week to see Sharon Burch!  She has written several books that I use in my classroom to teach children the notes on the staff.  John Jacobson was also there - he writes a lot of music for kids.  A crazy but fun day!

Sara Groves concert

We got to see Sara Groves last weekend.  She never comes to CA so when we found out she was coming, we jumped up and down!  She's a family favorite, for sure.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tennis, More Canoeing and Family Photos


Tennis, soccer, canoeing - we tried to do it all!  We had signed up for the zipline but it was cancelled due to lightening.

Mom Hubbard and her siblings and cousins.  The couple in the center
is Derrik's cousin, Tim, who got engaged to his girlfriend
while we were up there.

Ashton painted a bear in the craft building.

A special moment with E!

Cousin Brian took family photos of everyone.


Colorado Reunion

Our time in Colorado was sweet and special.  We reconnected with many family members we hadn't seen in 14 years.  Lots of great cousin time!

Cameron helped out in the kitchen for every meal!

Derrik and I sang for the family one evening.


Sage made us all bracelets!
Talon and Ashton funny faces

Uncle Derrik is still great at magic tricks!

Kansas Part 3: Lots of pictures

Ashton sparkler
 We had an early fireworks show with Roman candles and sparklers!

Cameron sparkler
Ethan Roman candle

  Here a few more lake shots!
One last visit with Grandma Bonnie before leaving.


I was able to quickly catch up with
my friend, Amy in Manhattan!

Golfing and driving

 Derrik worked on his golf game and Ethan worked on his driving skills.