Friday, August 29, 2014

Ethan Band Fun!


Marching band season is in full swing!  The band performed at the football season kick-off and then tonight he had his first field experience - full uniform and all!  He's having fun and we're so happy for him!

Cameron's 13th Birthday

Our Cameron became a teenager last week! 

He had a great birthday - went to school for the day but not before opening a few gifts.  After school I took the three boys out for ice cream and then he opened a few more gifts. 

He decided he wanted to go to his soccer practice so we brought dinner to the soccer field and watched him play.
After practice, we went out for ice cream (again - hey, it's a birthday)!  We all had fun celebrating him!

7th Grade Registration

NOTE:  I found this post that I made a few weeks back.  Cameron's doing great in JH and learning how it's done.

Cameron is all registered for JHschool!  So excited for him!

Borrowed this one from Instagram - new
gear from registration
Ashton was along for the ride - taking notes for
when its his turn!

Ethan on the Bass

Ethan got to fill in at SWARM last weekend!  He did awesome and it was so fun to have him join the band!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An early Birthday party for Cameron!

We held an early birthday party for Cameron so his friends could be together one last time before junior high.

First Days of School 2014-2015

The Hubbard boys are back at it again!  Ashton started first, Cameron and Ethan the next day.  Everybody is happy! I got more photos of Ashton than the other two - obviously.

Cameron came on campus to visit his old school.
Ashton and his friend, Brett.

A mom sent this to me!  Looks like a movie musical cover!
Ashton with his friend, Brooklyn.

Last Beach Trip

We left town for an overnight trip to the beach in Ventura before school starts!

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Outdoor Band Concert

Derrik's Dad has been playing the euphonium for the Santa Clarita Community Band.  They had a concert last weekend and we all went!  Fun music and great weather for a concert!

Hurricane Harbor

We spent our Sunday at Hurricane Harbor!

Soccer at the Rose Bowl

Derrik and Cameron attended an LA Galaxy game at the Rose Bowl in Sacramento last week!  The Galaxy lost, but they had fun being there!

Boxes for Children's Hunger Fund

Our church gave us the opportunity to pack boxes for hungry kids in our area.  Each of the boys packed a box filled with pasta, beans, cans of peaches, tuna, and tomatoes.  Such a great opportunity!