Saturday, January 24, 2015

Magic Mountain Monday

We used the day off to take the boys to Magic Mountain for the day.  Ashton rode 4 different rollercoasters!  (He usually won't ride any!)  There must be something about turning 10......  We had a great day!

Don't worry Ethan, Ashton says it's not that scary.

Rollercoasters are fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our new 10 year old!!

Happy Birthday to our two-digit-midget, Ashton!  So amazing that he's ten already!  We had a great time celebrating him and he had a great birthday with 2 parties.  One was with Grandma and Grandpa, and the other with his school friends.  Thank you to everyone for making his special day so special! 
We love you, buddy!!

LA Galaxy Soccer Camp

Cameron attended an LA Galaxy Soccer Camp in Torrance the first week of January.  He learned tips and plays from Galaxy coaches.  He was worn out, for sure!  A great experience for him.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Years Eve 2014

We headed to the Hubbards for cheese and chocolate fondue on New Years and then tried to stay alert and focused back at our house to see midnight.  Happy New Year everyone!

Vacation Photos

Hanging around the house, doing some reading, packing up Christmas decorations, enjoying pajama day.....we're off to a great start for our winter break!

Wedding Anniversary #18

We celebrated 18 years together last weekend!  So great to be married to such a great guy.  Derrik posted some photos on Facebook.  We had just gotten back from AZ so most of our day included running errands but we did go out for a nice dinner and just be together. 

Faces of Christmas

The stockings were hung in AZ and we were so excited to see all the presents Christmas morning!


The happy faces of Christmas!

Visiting with Miss Carrie

Since our friend Carrie also lives in Chandler, we found her and took her out for lunch.  She's originally from Santa Clarita and used to babysit the boys when we first moved out here.  She's a gem and we were glad we got to see her.  We also had some moments with the Chik-fil-a cows......

Our Christmas in AZ

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with the Deckers and DeWeeses!  The Deckers were fabulous hosts and it was fun to do Christmas somewhere other than home for a change.

At the Nutcracker

Suzanne and the boys did their best Nutcracker moves!  No one was permanently injured in the making of this video.

Christmas SWARM

Ethan and I performed in SWARM at church the weekend before church.  He had a blast and is so good on bass.

Early Christmas

Since we're heading to AZ, we had an early Christmas at home. 

More Ice Skating

We're doing a lot of ice skating this year!  Ashton's getting good and we're having fun!