Thursday, March 26, 2015

On the home front

Facetime with a few of my guys!
Derrik held down the fort while I was gone on the band tour.  He left Saturday for North Carolina so the grandparents took over until I got back on Sunday.  I got lots of cute pictures of all the fun they had!
Grandpa and Cameron went to a Galaxy game

Boys dressed up for church

Derrik at the speedway in N.C.

Final dinner

Ethan was so nice to let me get close....  :)
Our last dinner in San Francisco was at Bubba Gumps on the pier.  We had such a great trip!

Alcatraz tour

We took a tour of Alcatraz on our last afternoon in San Francisco.  Such an amazing place with quite a history.

Golden gate in the distance from the boat

I caught a photo of Ethan - he looks happy about it.
The listening tour was so cool.

View of the city from the island

Performance on Pier 39

Our first morning in San Francisco we headed to Pier 39 for the band performance.

Golden Gate Bridge

Our next stop was San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was so clear and beautiful!


While Ethan rode on the bus with the rest of the band, I followed with a few other band moms for a fun weekend of being band groupies.  First stop was the Capitol building for a performance on the front steps and a tour. 

A photo with the band moms and the bands director, Mr. Gibson

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SHS Pops Concert 2015

Waiting for the concert to start
Before kicking off their spring tour, the marching band held a Pops Concert.  We saw lots of great talent and are so proud of our boy, Ethan, and all his hard work.


Saugus High School Assembly

The Saugus drum line came and visited the junior high last Friday.  Cameron was thrilled that Ethan was coming!  The drum line was a part of an entire assembly geared to get students excited about high school.  The video is from far away but if you look close you can see Ethan jamming with the cymbals. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Conference Week

Ashton had conference week last week.  His teacher thinks he's doing well and is on track to finish the year strong!  He had Wednesday off so we went out and had lunch together.  He picked McDonalds, of course!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Spring Soccer!!

The first meeting - Cam has his back to the camera
The spring season of soccer has begun!  Cameron is on the Royal Aces team - red jerseys.  He's playing defense, which makes me happy!  I didn't enjoy the season where he was goalie at all!  He had a great opening game winning 4-2.  He's also one of the bigger ones on the team, as usual.

Band demonstration

I've been trying to increase interest among our school's 6th graders in joining band next year.  I invited three former students (one being Cameron) to come in and share about band and their experience.   We had a flute, clarinet and tuba!  The kids were impressed!  Here we've squished 65 6th graders into my classroom for the assembly.

Swimming in the rain

While swimming at the grandparents place, it started raining!  The pool was heated so everyone ignored the rain - until they got out!