Sunday, April 26, 2015

LA Philharmonic Concert

Our family and the grandparents went down to San Pedro to see the LA Philharmonic perform!  A fun outing with amazing music!

Cinco de Mayo Swarm

This month's Swarm got Cameron involved on clarinet!  It was so fun to have both the older boys share the stage with me.
The boys at rehearsal

So festive!

Cameron Open House

We walked around the junior high with Cameron this week to see all of his hard work.  He's doing so well and we're proud of him!

Dance on the Keyboard

I brought my big keyboard in to school this week to help my younger students get ready to start playing piano.  Ashton jumped on it after school and started practicing one of his songs with his feet!


Since coming home from spring break, Cameron and I have been battling a cough and allergy symptoms.  We finally went in to the dr to get checked.  I even got an breathing treatment and now own an inhaler!  Blah!  Ashton developed an ear infection mid-week so he was out for a day until the meds started working.  I'm glad spring is coming but can all the growing things take it easy?  We want to be healthy enough to enjoy it!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Black Light Rally

The SHS Drumline performed at the school rally this week.  They were all dressed in "hazmat" suits and played on upside down trash cans filled with paint.  I wish I could have been there!  A friend grabbed a few photos of Ethan for me.

Ethan is on the left, his friend Brian on the right

Back to Routine

We're back to school and work this week.  Ashton came and visited me in my classroom a few days this week.  I think he missed me.....

A picture he drew for me on my whiteboard <3 td="">

Ice Skating

Ashton and Cameron got in a little ice skating to finish off their Spring Break.  They're pretty good!  What they're still not used to how cold it is in the rink.  :)

Cute little pink nose

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break Trip: La Jolla Cove

Our last stop on our trip was the beach.  La Jolla Cove was beautiful as usual!  Momma seals and their babies were warming themselves on the beach. 

Old Town San Diego

We found the Mexican restaurant in Old Town that we went to years ago when we met Dad and Suzanne and the Deckers here: Casa Guadalajara!  Such a fun place!  It made our last night in San Diego so special!
I included a video of the group singing to us!


The Melting Pot

We'd never tried the Melting Pot and decided to give it a try!  The boys were troopers and even tried some new things.  Yummy cheese, steak and chocolate!  Yum!

Spring Break Trip: San Diego Bay Tour

Wednesday we headed out for a boat tour of the San Diego Bay.  It was so fun to see the city from this view point.  A lovely day to be on the water!


Spring Break Trip: Legoland Tuesday

We attended Legoland on Tuesday and it was really fun!  The boys had a blast and really enjoyed the park.  Rides, lego creations, and we also enjoyed an on sight Aquarium.
I included the video of Ethan and Derrik riding that crazy ride!