Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Soccer

Cameron and Ashton started their summer soccer season today.  They are having so much fun!  We had an ice cream break in between the games.

Cameron and 3 of his friends

Memorial Day Service

We attended a service at Eternal Valley this morning honoring our fallen soldiers.  Dad Hubbard played in the City Band during the service.  It was quite special to be there.  We saw lots of flags marking graves of those buried there. 

Planes in formation overhead


The Countdown has begun!

We are in the final 10 days of school!  Ethan and Cameron are out this Thursday.  Ashton has to go two weeks.  Ugh!  I made Ashton a paper-link chain so we can rip those days off!  Summer's comin'!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Tribute to Ethan

Ethan has worked so hard this year.  He almost quit band after his first sectional.  But he kept going, staying after school to get better and grow as a musician and a member of the marching band.  We're proud of him, for not giving up and being awesome!

Soccer Tribute

The soccer party for Cameron's team was last week.  He was honored for his loyalty - even  though he was injured for most of the season, he didn't quit the team.  He continued to attend practices, was named an assistant coach and attended every game.  His coach was very impressed.  We're quite proud of him!

Birthday/Mother's Day Combo

I decided since it was both my birthday and Mother's Day, I would take each of the boys out for a little one-on-one time!  Cameron was my breakfast date, Ashton my lunch date, Ethan was my snack/lunch take 2, and the whole family went out for dinner.  It was a fun day!



Monday, May 11, 2015

Final Soccer Game

The Royal Aces finished off the season last Saturday!  Great game!

Taking the corner kick that lead to a goal!

Band Banquet 2015

The Saugus Band concluded their season with a banquet in their honor.  Ethan was honored as part of the loading crew and also as a sophomore member.  It was a fun night to honor the outgoing seniors as well.  A great organization to be a part of and we're so glad we're in it!

Friend from the "pit"


Receiving his sophomore award

A collection of photos from the year

Derrik's Las Vegas Trip

Derrik spent the end of April in Las Vegas for a work conference.  He and his office mates were all honored for their work with NEXT (broker dealer).

Cameron's return to spring soccer

The green jerseys are because the opposing
team had on a similar color.
Cameron has been out most of the spring season due to a back injury.  An x-ray showed no damage so we visited a chiropractor who found his hips were misaligned.  After a few visits, he was on the road to recovery.  His game last weekend was his first back!  He was so happy!

Drum Line Performance

Ethan and the Saugus High drum line performed at a rally with other high schools.  They played their version of "Uptown Funk."