Saturday, July 25, 2015

Belated Birthday Party for Mom Hubbard

We went out to dinner this week to celebrate Mom Hubbard's birthday!

Hubbard Vacation: Trip Home July 20

Ashton was in charge of checking us in at
the airport.
We had a crazy trip back - our flight out of Phoenix was delayed meaning we didn't land at LAX until 1 am.  After waiting almost an hour for the bags and then driving home, we landed in bed at 3:30!  No more night flights for us! 

I think Cam can sleep anywhere.

Hubbard Vacation: Worlds of Fun July 19

We finished off our trip with a visit to Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun!

Hubbard Vacation: Pizza Hut Reunion July 18

Derrik organized a Pizza Hut reunion with the group he worked with at the Olathe store.  So many fun stories!

Hubbard Vacation: Aunt Sonja and Family

The family with Aunt Sonja and Mary Beth

With Rick

Girls picture

A chalk portrait of Derrik's Grandpa Entz
(Sonja and Sandra's father)

Hubbard Vacation: Kansas City #2 July 18

We drove up to Kansas City and stopped at Ethan's favorite place: Guitar Center.

Ethan really wanted to bring this one home with us!

Hubbard Vacation: Manhattan July 17

We headed up to Manhattan for the day and went to the mall, walked around K-State and the stadium, had Call Hall ice cream with Amy Vandorn, and took Elizabeth and Ken out for dinner!

Hubbard Vacation: Visiting with the Majors July 15

Our friends, Bruce and Sara Major drove up from Hillsboro with their 3 kids for the day!

Bruce gave Ethan some advice on drumming

Hubbard Vacation: Tallgrass Prairie Hike