Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halftime Show as a Family

We all attended Ethan's halftime performance this week.  The show just gets better and better!
Ethan is in the back row, the second bass drummer from the right

Music Room Updates

The Music room got an update this last week!  The PTC purchased some Boomwhackers for me!   I'm using them with 2nd and 3rd graders.  We'll be working on a Halloween piece this week.  Very fun!
Boomwhackers - plastic tubes of different lengths representing different pitches in the scale

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Band Competition Season begins!

Ethan and the Saugus Marching Band began their competition season yesterday.  In their first competition, the band came in 2nd place in their division!  There are 4 more competitions to go!  I got some more photos of our bass drummer at the football game the night before.


Dog-sitting for Cameron

Our neighbors went on vacation during fall break, so Cameron was given the job of watching their dogs.  They come over and play in our backyard each day for a bit to get some company.  Sadie has enjoyed the playmates while being very suspicious of them coming in the house and taking over her "top dog" position.  It was a great experience for Cameron!

Fall Break Fun

The boys had fall break this week.  Since we just got back from a trip, we opted to stay here and just have fun together.  One day we hit the park day with Sadie!  The boys played soccer and she ran around with them.