Saturday, November 28, 2015

Passages Bible Museum

We visited the Passages Bible Museum today!  It's been here since Easter and we finally got over there to see it.  Derrik's mom came with us because she used to work there and was filled with good information for us!  What a cool place!

replica of a Gutenberg Press

Hubbard Thanksgiving

Don't forget the grave boat!
We celebrated Thanksgiving in our home with Mom Hubbard doing all the cooking.  I did assemble the pies, though!  We ate a nice meal, napped and then headed for the movie theater.  What a fun day!
Shot with Ashton
Shot with Ethan
Saw the Good Dinosaur
Cooking team
The Pies!!

Vegas Sisters Trip

We had so much fun together celebrating Suzanne and being together!  So much laughing and walking.  Far too many pictures to post so I'll settle on my favorite.  Love you girls!

Cameron finishes Soccer season

Cameron played 2 soccer games while I was away!  We were able to be at his team party and get a picture with his favorite coach Matt.  Great season, Cameron!

Ethan Marching Band Championships

While I was in Las Vegas, Derrik, Cameron and Dad Hubbard drove to Ontario, CA to see Ethan perform in the Marching band championships.  They finished in 11th place but we're very proud of our drummer boy.  :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ashton receives Character Award!

Ashton received the Character Award at school!  So proud of him and all he does to make his classroom and school a better place.  I filled in for the choir director and lead the school choir in some holiday songs.

Happy Birthday, Derrik!

Derrik turned 42 last Friday!  We celebrated by taking him to dinner Friday night and spoiling him.  We love him!

Valencia and Moorpark Band Competitions

Ethan and the Saugus Marching band completed two competitions last week.  I snapped photos as I could get them!  I traveled with the band to Moorpark and was a part of the loading crew on the field.  I got to drive the cool little blue Saugus car!  The band travels to Ontario, CA on Saturday
to compete in championships.  Go Saugus!


ASJH Final Mile Challenge

Cameron ran with his classmates in a 1.2 mile race.  He won a medal at the end.  Yay, Cameron!

Friday, November 06, 2015

Cameron ankle injury

Cameron rolled his ankle at practice last week.  After an x-ray, it appeared to just be a sprain.  He couldn't play in his game on Saturday and was so frustrated!  Good news is - the ankle is better and he's playing in his next game!  Yay!


I came out the other morning and found these guys all snuggled together on the small couch!  So cute!

Ethan Competition and Football Photos

Halloween 2015

Ethan the crow, Ashton as Steve Gerrard and Ashton the Creeper

Our Halloween was busy, but fun!  Ethan had a competition, Cameron and Ashton each went to the fall festival at church and went trick-or-treating with friends.
This is a picture Ashton drew of him scaring me
in my classroom.  I jumped out of my seat!