Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ethan the Celebrity!

One of Ethan's friends did an article on him for the January issue our city's magazine!  So proud of him and how he's growing as a musician! 

Derrik's New Office

We helped Derrik move into his new office space today!  He's moving down the street to an office complex closer to the freeway to accommodate clients from the valley and his current lease was up.  The boys had fun seeing the new space!

You say "Skookie," I say "Pazookie!"

Ethan LOVES Pazookies!  It's like a small cookie baked in a small pan (like a pizza pan).  I bought him two pans for Christmas and then made both he and Cameron chocolate chip pazookies.  Yum!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day!

We spent the day relaxing in our Christmas jammies, eating and enjoying our goodies from Santa.  It was a great day!


Sadie got a Christmas sweater!


The History of the Hubbard Christmas Jammies

I was curious how many years we've done the Christmas jammies.  This year is our 8th year!

Christmas Lights and Christmas Eve

We took a walk around Wakefield Court where all the lights are.  Christmas Eve we headed off to church to attend services.  The candlelight is our favorite part!


Then back home to open jammies and games!


Star Wars VI: The Force Awakens

We caught the newest Star Wars at the theater last Sunday night!  It was so great!

Hubbard Christmas

We had a fun Christmas celebration with the elder Hubbards last weekend!  Mimi's for breakfast and then to their place for opening packages.  Then they headed off towards CO for more Christmas.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ahston's Holiday at school

The older boys had Friday off, but Ashton and I had to go one more day.  To cheer him up a bit, I offered to bring him in a McDonalds lunch.  Then he had his class party.

SCE Holiday Singing

It's been a few years since we've done this outdoor concert.  The weather doesn't always cooperate.  But this year, our new principal decided to give it a try and we're so glad he did!

Bass Clarinet

Guess what Cameron brought home this week?  His band teacher, Mr. Bennett, asked him to try the bass clarinet over the break.  It requires a different embouchure but he's going to work on it.

SCE Holiday Music Recital

The Music team at the school decided to hold a holiday recital showcasing the keyboarding club, the choir and the percussion group that I have been leading this semester.  It was a fun night!

Talking to the parents - ack!

Ashton on drum and tambourine

And playing the triangle
Bell Choir

Music team

Rollo and Gretchen Visit

Rollo and Gretchen came into town to see the Christmas concerts.  We were able to have breakfast with them the next day.

Church Christmas Concerts

I had the opportunity to join the choir during their holiday concerts this year!  It required a lot of music to learn and several rehearsals the week of the performances.  So much fun!  I also got to sing with Dad Hubbard (he's in the choir too) and Cameron served on tech doing the cameras during the concert.