Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our grown-up boys

I took this photo while at lunch with the family last week.  They are growing up so fast!

Making Rhythms in Class

My third graders are making rhythms and after creating some with popsicle sticks, they wrote them up on the board.  I took a photo and put it on facebook.  The school facebook page picked it up and then the district page picked it up!  WOW!

I Won a Contest!

Autographed by the author
I never win contests - ever.  I was reading through a Music teaching blog and saw she was holding a contest to win the newest Freddie the frog book.  So I thought, what the heck?  I entered and then found out I WON!  Very cool!  My kids at school will LOVE this!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Swimming in February

Ashton's been asking for a swimming trip and this last weekend we had temps in the 80's!  So fun!

Valentine's Day!

I did get flowers from my Valentine!
While Derrik and Cameron were in Bakersfield, Ethan, Ashton and I celebrated Valentine's at home until they arrived later in the evening.
Ethan got a bouquet of dollar bills and Ashton got another
Lego Dimension set!
Cameron got a new soccer ball!

Soccer Tournament #1 Bakersfield

Cameron is the goalie for a U14 Saugus tournament team!  They have been practicing for the last month and had their first tournament in Bakersfield.  Derrik drove him up and the whole team stayed overnight in a hotel.  The team played 5 games - 3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday.  They ended up coming in 3rd out of 8 teams! 

A fun dinner out with teammates

Color Run!

Ashton and his school mates participated in the first ever color run!  He carefully avoided getting shot in the face by running around the adults with the cups of color.  LOL  He had fun!

A photo with friend, Brooklyn

Triplet Day

It was Health Week at school and Ashton and his friends dressed alike for triplet day!

Heart Diagram

Ashton's been studying the parts of heart and had a test last week.  I drew one that he studied and then at his recess, he came in my classroom and drew one for me!

Laundry Day

The boys took a turn doing their own laundry last weekend.  I'm hoping it will become a regular event around here.  Ashton didn't actually do his laundry but did fold it and put it away.  I made a folding guide to help him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Winter Formal 2016

Ethan attended winter formal this year with his girlfriend, Brisa.  He had a lot of fun this year!  It's great to see him enjoying these moments in high school.  And looking so grown up and handsome!


Saugus Got Talent Competition 2016

Ethan and some of his band friends entered in the high school talent show.  They performed a song called, "Holly" by Nick Waterhouse.  Ethan played electric guitar and backup vocals.  They did a great job and were up against some tough competition.  We're proud of him! 


Random photos from the last week or so......
Ashton sharing a big smile at church

Having coffee with Cameron in between services
last weekend at church.  He's been working
camera at the services.

Ashton got an ipad mini for his birthday and likes
to text me when I'm away from the house.  Here's
the photo I sent to him.

Cameron's doughnut sales for his soccer team was a success!
Lots of happy customers! 

Derrik finally got his name plate installed at his new office location!