Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday 2016

Happy Easter!  After church, we headed home and had a lovely meal with the grandparents.  We took some family photos and then I had the big boys hide the Resurrection Eggs outside for Ashton to find.  Then naps all around and getting ready for another week of school/teaching before spring break!

These two....
Easter baskets

Egg hunting!

Holy Week Services

The choir and orchestra at church performed services on Good Friday and again this morning for Easter.  I had the privilege of singing while our Cameron served in the tech ministry operating the camera for the services!  We had a great week but are both wiped!
Good Friday

Cameron working on stage
Easter Sunday

Coloring Eggs!

I had two takers for coloring eggs this year!  Ashton was gung-ho until he smelled the vinegar in the egg dye bowls.  Yuck!  He was a great sport and helped me color some pretty eggs.  Cameron came in at the end and did a few.

Saugus High School Open House

I took Cameron and Ethan to open house at Saugus High.  It was fun to have Ethan show him around and get familiar with the campus.  I'll have two high schoolers next year!!

This is one of neighbors and a friend of Ethan's. 
He's playing a victim in the forensic science lab.  :)

He's on his way!

Oh yeah!!!  Ethan passed the written portion of the driving test today!  Yippee!  Now we have to do the driving instruction and a restricted period, but he's on his way!  So excited for him!
Lots of paperwork and waiting at the DMV, of course.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chuck E Cheese Fundraiser

Derrik and I took Ashton out for a school fundraiser at Chuck E Cheese.  We spent soooo many hours here when all three boys loved this place.  Now, we hardly ever go!

San Diego Band Tour

Ethan and his best friend, Harry
Ethan and the band took off Thursday for San Diego!  They played a few times, rode on a boat cruise, and went to the zoo.  He had a great time.  These are photos I got from him!

Photo of the city from the boat.
Ethan and Brisa

Pops Concert 2016

The Saugus High School Marching Band and Color Guard performed their Spring Pops concert this week.  They always add in the 8th grade band in one piece, so Cameron got to join in the performance!  So happy to have both older boys share the same concert!  They played great!

Cameron on the end
Ethan in the middle

Ethan with the cymbals

Reading of siblings
Snippet of the performance
Ethan playing the bass drum

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ashton's Day Off

This week was conference week for Ashton.  His conference was Monday and has done a tremendous job since the fall!  Brought up his grade in two classes!  We are quite proud of him!  Wednesday was a day off so I had him make me a list of what he wanted to do for the day. 
We got our snuggling in!  My baby is so big!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Pot O'Gold Soccer Tournament - Thousand Oaks

While Derrik was away at a conference in Seattle, I took Cameron to Thousand Oaks for his second soccer tournament.  It was so fun to watch him play!  They ended up placing 3rd in their division. 

Breakfast in between games

Much needed nap before game #2

Advanced Band Performance

At Open House last week, Cameron and the Advanced band performed.


Junior High Visitors

Since the junior high had a minimum day, I invited some of my former music students currently enrolled in band to come over and talk to the 6th graders about band.  They shared their instruments and talked about how great band has been.  Makes me happy to see music making them happy.  :)
These two are both 8th graders and shared about
Advanced band.  Cam did a great job!
 Cam joined Ashton for lunch!

Galaxy and Homework

Our March is full of activities!  Here are some quick shots of what's been going on:
On Mondays, Derrik comes home early to spend time with the boys before he heads back to work for evening appointments.  Here he is helping Ashton with some social studies!
Galaxy games have started and these two have season tickets!
They headed down to Carson for game one.

I Will Sing for Dr. Seuss

I have wanted to make one of these for a few years now.  A singing Dr. Seuss hat!  The kids loved reading it in my classroom.

Ashton Field Trip

Ashton and the 5th grade class headed to the California Science Center in downtown LA last week!  They watched a film about astronauts, saw a cool space exhibit and went on a spinning ride for astronaut training!  I didn't get to go on the trip but a friend was kind enough to send me some photos.