Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chimes Performance

Ashton and I performed the chimes tonight in the kid's choir concert at church!  Ashton did great and had a nice opportunity to share with the family his new skill!

Soccer Tournaments: Ventura and Santa Clarita

This is his stance -"just come and get one past me!"

Backpack with tournament pins
Brothers supporting on the sideline

The last two weekends have been insane with soccer tournaments back to back.  Last weekend was in Ventura.  Cam played great!  His team can be easily intimidated by bigger players and had trouble getting very far.
This weekend was local, which was nice.  Cameron did a nice job and the team came in 4th place.  He got a shirt, medal and pin!  We get a little break and then we'll have another two tournaments in May.
Sunburned keeper

Super windy weather!

Chosen as captain for game 3
Great job, Cameron!

Musician's Institute Visit

We visited Musician's Institute in Hollywood on Saturday with Ethan.  He's looking at attending there following graduation next year to pursue getting certified in Audio Engineering.  We certainly live in the right place to get trained in that!  It was a great visit which got all three of us thinking.

Bouncing to the Beat

I was finally able to use this curriculum that I bought last year - incorporating music and basketballs!  Bouncing to the Beat from my friend in Nebraska.  The kids loved it and performed it at our Awards Assembly on Friday.

Harmonica Assembly

The 5th graders at our school had a very musical week!  Our school got a visit from a professional cowboy harmonica player and the 5th graders all received a harmonica!  He taught them to play several songs on it.  We'll see if I can keep them interested in it for a few more lessons in my classroom!

Spring Break 2016: Friday

We had a movie night and watched the new Star Wars at home!

Spring Break 2016: Thursday

Thursday we did some bike riding and then headed to Scooter's Jungle to bounce!


Cameron's Home!

The highlight of the week was getting our boy back home again!  His family (including his pups) missed him terribly!

Our Spring Break 2016: Wednesday

Wednesday was a pizza and library day!  Then I took Ashton to chimes practice and got to jump in and play a few chimes for missing kids.  It was fun!


Cameron's Washington Trip Wednesday 4/6/16

Last day before heading back to L.A!
Today's itinerary:
  • Vietnam Memorial
  • Air and Space Museum
  • Newseum

Photos from the day:

Air and Space Museum with my roommates
As an reporter at Newseum
With a section of the Berlin Wall at Newseum
I got a new job!  jk! 


Our Spring Break 2016: Tuesday

Tuesday was a visit to Mountasia with Ethan driving us there!

Cameron's Washington Trip Tuesday 4/5/16

Tuesday's Itinerary:
  • Gettysburg Battlefield
  • Fort McHenry
  •  Lincoln Memorial
Freezing weather

Fort McHenry
Lincoln Memorial

With friends at the Lincoln Memorial


Panoramic shot

Our Spring Break 2016: Monday

We love Spring Break!
Ashton and I went swimming Monday!  It was 85 degrees out.

Cameron's Washington Trip Monday 4/4/16

Itinerary today was:
  • Mount Vernon
  • Capitol Hill
  • National Archives (couldn't take any pictures)
  • White House, Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial

At the barn at Mount Vernon

Home of George Washington

White House
Martin Luther King, JR Memorial
FDR Memorial

Quote on side of MLK, Jr statue