Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Boot Camp

I'm attending a summer boot camp and our teacher took a photo on Facebook of our strength session the other day.  It's a bi-weekly morning class that includes a workout and a Bible study.  It's painful but fun!


We had a Christian music festival in our city this week.  It was outdoors, which caused us to question whether we should face out 100+ temps to attend.  But four of us decided to risk it and it was so worth it!  Six hours, five bands: Citizen Way, We Are Messengers, I Am They, Hawk Nelson and Newsboys.


Hawk Nelson

Father's Day 2016

Derrik, Cameron and the grandparents spent Father's Day in Huntington Beach at the Surf & Turf tournament.  Once everyone got back, we headed out to dinner at Lazy Dog!  I'm including the photo collage I posted for Dad.

Last Tournament: Sun & Surf - Huntington Beach

Cameron finished off his tournament season last weekend in Huntington Beach.  The team came in 4th and had a great finish.  He has been nominated by his teammates as MVP but we won't know that for sure until this weekend at the team party.  Yay for being done and for a great season!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Promotion/Last Day!

We did it!  Ashton was asked to help pass out programs and Cameron came along to help me.  The ceremony went very well and I was very happy with how the kids did!  Now, we're on vacation!!!

Cameron got some pics of me directing
Last day as a 5th grader

This Week

I spent this last week of school keeping up with the older boys and cheering Ashton (and myself) through our last week of school.  Ashton and I made a schedule and did something fun everyday after school.  Monday was ice cream with friends, Tuesday was having his tutor come over for video games, Wednesday was swimming with Grandma, Thursday was buying a book at Barnes and Noble, and Friday was McDonalds lunch. 

Cameron got his marching band music in the mail
and has begun sectionals to learn to march and learn
the music.

Ethan got signed up for driving classes.  He has to complete
three two-hour sessions with an instructor before getting his license.

Cameron helped out at school by standing in as the principal
during 6th grade promotion practice.
Cameron trying to learn his band music.

Dance Festival

Ashton and the other 5th graders did an 80's dance at the annual dance festival.  He did awesome!  He was chosen to be on the stage because of how well he knew all the steps.

A little practice video:

Ashton Perfect Attendance

Ashton earned a perfect attendance award!  Amazing!!  Yay to healthy immune systems!

Team Odyssey Award

Cameron was one of six students (out of a total of 150) to win the Team Odyssey Award.  He's done very well the last two years and can move onto high school with a confidence that he'll be successful.  Yay, Cameron!

Cameron's Science teacher, Mrs. Koegle


Kindergarten and 8th grade

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Two done, One to Go!

Ethan and Cameron finished up finals and are DONE for this year!  I have two high schoolers now - a senior and a freshman.  Ashton and I finished next Friday.