Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Time for my walk, human!"

Sadie likes her routine.  She expects a morning walk, even on weekends when Derrik would like a few more minutes to finish waking up.  She was perched on his shoulder, just reminding him that she was quite ready to go!

Homecoming Game

It was homecoming week at the high school and the boys played in the pep rally on Friday before the game.  Later, I caught a quick picture of them in uniform together!

Citizenship Award for Ashton

Ashton kicked off the new school year by earning a citizenship award!  Such a great start!  He's working hard and doing a great job!

Me directing the choir on our first Awards Assembly performance!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Drumline Practice

I caught part of the drumline practicing yesterday in the high school parking lot!  Yeah, I'm a stalker.

NeedtoBreathe Concert

Derrik, Ethan and Cameron went to an outdoor concert in LA last weekend and saw NeedtoBreathe, one of their favorite bands!

Monday, September 12, 2016

School day pics

Picking up my two high schoolers - CRAZY

Homework session with Cam and Ashton

Hummingbird visit

A hummingbird got trapped in my classroom door last week.  Such an adventure!  After forgetting how it got in and flying around for about an hour, it flew out the open window.  We joked that a hummingbird really wanted to do some humming in the music room!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Saugus Marching Band Performance Game 2

Ethan and Cameron performed at the football game again this week.  Derrik and I were in Hollywood and missed it.  Ashton was there with the grandparents.  I did get to see the video and thought I would share it!  They are doing so well!

John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl

John Williams does a handful of performances each year.  He is 84 years old, after all.  He does an annual visit to the Hollywood bowl each summer and I got there this year!  He conducted the LA Philharmonic through many of his movie scores.  Such a great night!  Bucket list item, for sure!

Saugus Back to School and Choir Performance

The older boys had back-to-school night and Ethan and the Concert Choir sang.  We walked around Cameron's classes and I sat in the choir room during Ethan's choir period.

Picture Day and Classroom work

Ashton did his 6th grade pictures this week!  So handsome!  I've been going into school to work in the classroom.  Things have been hectic and Derrik brought me home coffee and flowers.  It's been a great week!