Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ashton's Skyviper

We headed to the park over the long weekend to get out after the rain and get a chance to fly the Skyviper!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ethan Composing

Ethan and his choir went to a clinic and Grandma Hubbard got some great pics of his performance.  One of the choirs that performed showcased a piece written by a choir member.  That inspired Ethan to write his own piece for his choir!  The original idea is finished but now he's in the editing phase.  He has also shared copies with both his choir and band teachers.  Stay tuned!

A date with Ashton

Ashton and I braved Pacific storm Lucifer and went out on a date Friday.  He's been anxious to see Lego Batman so he headed out in the rain to see it.  We arrived at the theater to find they had a power outage but that was fixed.  Then the parking lot was completely flooded when we left.  Our back yard was pretty flooded as well.  Cameron had to attend a varsity soccer game and sat in the rain for three hours.  So crazy!

Ethan Love Choir Concert

Ethan and the Concert Choir put on a concert this week.  He sang one song with the guys and a few with the choir.  They did so great!  I added two videos below.

Valentine's Day!

Dinner and a movie date
We had a lovely Valentine's Day at our house!  Flowers, chocolate, presents, and rice krispie treats - who could ask for anything more?

Ashton's Valentine's from classmates

My gift from the boys

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Winter Formal for Ethan

Ethan went to his last Winter formal last night with his girlfriend, Brisa.  They had a great night dancing and being with their friends.

Cameron's Last Frosh Game

The Frosh Soccer team have finished their season!  Cameron did a great job defending the goal and learned a lot over the last few months.  He will finish the semester with the team doing training and drills.  Great job, Cam!

Ashton APEX Run

The yearly fun run fundraiser happened at the school this week.  Ashton ran laps with his classmates and did great!

The principal came out to run in a tutu!

Ashton and his friend, Brooklyn

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Cameron the Photographer

Cameron borrowed my camera when he met up with his soccer friends on Saturday.  He's gotten into photography and wanted to get some pics.  Not bad!