Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Hike

We went up to Placerita Canyon and did a little hiking.  It's been a couple years since we all went out for a hike and had a great time!

We found the site where Cameron's band teacher, Mr. Bennett, was
struck on his bicycle a year ago.  A white bicycle is parked at the spot.

Ethan's Performance at Wolf Creek

Ethan connected with a few guys from local bands and found himself invited to be the opener for two bands at a local restaurant.  He did great!  He sang his songs for about 30 minutes playing the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and the keyboard.  This may be the first of many shows for him!

Santa Clarita Elementary Open House

Thursday was Open House at the school.  I had my classroom open and we got a chance to see some of Ashton's work from the school year.
Ethan came and helped me with setup and mood music.  :)

Ethan and Cameron lead a drum circle for me


Ethan wore both a choir and band pin on his graduation robe and grabbed cords for participating in music.  He sang with the choir during the ceremony and also accompanied a choir friend on guitar in a special number.  It was a magical night and we're all so proud of Ethan!
Cameron played with the band
Cameron with the band

Funniest part of the ceremony was Ethan running
to do the special number from his seat

Shaking the principals hand after getting his diploma


Graduation and Birthday Lunch!

We celebrated Ethan one more time at lunch after graduation practice and celebrated Suzanne's birthday at Lucille's BBQ!  Twin cakes!

Graduation Dinner for Ethan

We threw a family graduation dinner for Ethan the night before the ceremony at the grandparents house.

Ethan Choir Awards

Ethan was awarded two trophies, a medal and a pin for choir!  He got Best Bass, Best Bass in a three part split, a medal and a pin.  So awesome!

DeWeese visit to CA

Dad and Suzanne came into town for graduation and we also got to celebrate Suzanne's birthday!  We drove down to Hollywood to see the school Ethan is considering: Musician's Institute and did lots of celebrating!  We loved their visit!

Posing on Hollywood Blvd

Nice tour of the school

Beauty and the Beast

The boys took me to see Beauty and the Beast last week.  It was a good show and I enjoyed the music!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Last Day of School for Ethan

1st day of Kindergarten                              Last Day of High School
Ethan finished his last day of school on Friday.  It totally took me down memory lane!  It's gone so fast!  He has a few meeting and rehearsals early this week and then graduation happens on Wednesday night.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Birthday/Mother's Day

I had a great birthday on Wednesday and a lovely Mother's Day today!

Coffee with a friend, pedicure and hair done!

La La Land with the boys, Chinese food and brownies!