Friday, July 28, 2017

Lovely View

We were down a car one day this week and I got to pick up Derrik from his office.  It is so nice up there!  I found a nice comfy chair and sat and read while he finished up a meeting.  Such a nice place to work!

Working Man

Ethan got a job last week!  He's working at a Japanese restaurant called Kisho.  They serve meals teppan style (cooked in front of you).  He works nights washing dishes and helping in the kitchen.  He's worked non-stop this last week with only one day off which means $$$$.  He officially has his own bank account and debit card!  He's adulting,for sure.

Many faces of adulthood.....

Debit card!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Naps for all

That hair though....
We spent last week getting caught on sleep and even Ashton (who only naps when he's sick) got in on the fun!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Driving West, Ethan and Sadie

We made the trip back in two days!  Over 800 miles and long hours behind the wheel, Derrik made it happen!  So nice to be back and look over the pictures from our amazing trip!  We are also very happy to be reunited with Ethan and Sadie!

We had to stop for ice cream!

We snapchatted our way home.
Kristin and I driving our way west!

Golfing and Cat Burglers

The guys did some golfing while out at the lake and Thomas and Steve saved the day after we locked the keys inside the cabin.  Thankfully, Derrik left an upstairs door unlocked and Thomas (after a hoist from Steve) was just the right person to break in and unlock the door.  The missing key was found and we all lived happily ever after!

Boat Rides and Walks around the Lake

We took a boat ride from one of the neighbors and enjoyed many fun walks around the lake to work off all the yummy food we ate.

July 4th Celebrations

Fireworks on the dock were amazing!  We attended a great church service at Dad and Suzanne's church that was very patriotic!

Grandma Bonnie

Eating out and getting our toes done!

Sisters and Cousins!

Lake Fun

Heading East to KS

What an adventure we had!  Stayed in Beaver, UT on day 1 and then made it to Denver, CO at the end of day 2.  We had a great dinner with family in Denver!  Then we finally arrived in Topeka, KS at the end of day 3 in time to take Grandma Bonnie to dinner.